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Senator Sarauw’s poor personal judgment has been validated in her own words

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Senator Janelle Sarauw is faced with a litany of complaints in a formal letter of reprimand that became public this week concerning her behavior while a teacher of social studies at the Charlotte Amalie High School in 2009.

The letter of reprimand cited numerous incidents of rude and disrespectful behavior as well as acts that were contrary to the school’s policies that are designed to provide a positive learning environment and experience for the students. The official letter reprimanded the Senator for her comments to the assistant principal which were blatantly rude and disrespectful as she chided the assistant principal and boasted she does not have to concern herself with any notes or directions to correct her behavior stating she was immune from those comments.

Senator Sarauw disputed many of the incidents and attributed the complaints to tension between an assistant principal who was close to her family and who refused to accept the Senator was no longer a child. In response to other complaints that were the basis for the stern letter of reprimand, Senator Sarauw stated the use of profanity was appropriate and that on one occasion she was ill and had to leave to get her medicine despite warnings she was violating school policy by leaving her class early. In response to other complaints Senator Sarauw stated she was young.

But youth does not appear to be to blame for more recent complaints that speak to very poor personal judgment on the part of the Senator who now is running as lieutenant governor against the incumbent Governor Albert Bryan, Jr. on a ticket with challenger Kurt Vialet. In 2018 Senator Sarauw was embroiled in a personal incident involving the Senator, her significant other Katarina and Katarina’s lover Tiana Hunt. That incident escalated to the brandishing of a gun by Hunt against Sarauw.

USVI News and World Report has exclusive possession of written communications between Senator Sarauw and her lover Katarina where the Senator states, “I was wrong to be on the property but if she felt so threatened then call 911, not step outside and pull her gun especially since I wasn’t armed. But if she didn’t pull her gun, I would’ve beaten the shit out of her but if she didn’t have that gun pointed at me, I would’ve fucked her up, I tell you that much.”

In yet another incident the Senator was said to be pounding on that same female police officer’s window at 1:15 a.m.

The Senator insists that the way she comports herself in her personal life has no bearing on how she comports her as a senator or if she was sitting in the lieutenant governor’s seat.

At the time of this report Senator Sarauw has made no further comment.

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