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Senator Novelle Francis Calls for Emergency Hearing Following Hospital Revelations

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Senator Novelle Francis, who chairs the Senate Committee on Health, Hospitals and Human Services, has called for an emergency meeting, telling the Consortium Sunday that Juan F. Luis Hospital officials need to answer questions on a number of matters concerning the beleaguered hospital.

The hearing comes following a series of stories published on the Consortium, including a person who was hired for two years as a certified medical assistant with fraudulent credentials, the collapse of a nurse who was working in near 100-degree heat, and the delay of JFL North’s opening to 2022.

“JFL is our primary response unit. We’ve been having a lot of violence and individuals have been transported there so it is reason for concern and I’ll call a hearing so that we could get to bottom of it,” Mr. Francis said. “At the end of the day we have to make sure that we’re supporting JFL and making sure that some primary care is available at least to stabilize patients. It’s of concern for all of us.”

It was not clear whether the hearing will be in the Committee of the Whole or in the committee of jurisdiction. A Committee of the Whole gathering would allow all lawmakers to put questions forward to hospital officials.

Source: viconsortium.com

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