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Property Owners are Receiving Exorbitant Property Tax Bills; Lieutenant Governor to Look Into Matter

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Lieutenant Governor Tregenza Roach said Monday that he would look into reports of exorbitant property tax bills for the year 2022 following multiple reports received by the Consortium, including from one individual who said his property tax bill grew by 400 percent year-over-year.

“A 400 percent increase definitely sounds unusual. I will check into it and get back to you,” Mr. Roach told the Consortium following an inquiry.

It was not clear how widespread the issue is, but several residents have reached out to the Consortium about higher-than-expected property tax bills. Governor Albert Bryan in response to a question from VIC on the issue said changes had been made to systems at the Office of the Lieutenant Governor.

“I do know that the Lieutenant Governor’s Office was in the midst of changing around different software so maybe there may be glitches, maybe [payments] for past years showing up as due. My suggestion would be to call into the office and get a read on what’s going on with your tax bill,” Mr. Bryan said, adding, “nothing was raised.”

One of the residents wrote the following message to the Consortium: “I was wondering if you have heard any complaints about the 2022 property tax bills that were just sent out. My taxes went from $1,699.52 in 2021 to $3,205.19 in 2022. Assessed value did not change. I know one other friend who experienced the same and have calls into others. I haven’t seen anything of the government website or in the press. I would think there will be a lot of complaints if the property taxes did double and especially with no announcement.”

Another resident stated the following, “Is there any recent information about exorbitant property tax increases? I just received my 2022 bill and my small condo in Sapphire Village on St. Thomas increased approximately 400% over my previous 3 years. It seems that many other owners there are seeing the same large increases. What gives?”

Mr. Roach is expected to provide an update to the Consortium on the matter today.

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