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Police Report Filed – Union President Hadiya Casimir Accused of Misuse of Union’s Bank Account

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USVI News and World Report has learned that Derrick Bougouneau, Chairman of the VIPD Police Union, has filed a police report against the sitting President of the Police Union, Hadiya Casimir for misuse of the Police Unions bank account.

In a letter and statement, the Chairman alleges numerous violations related to Ms. Casimir’s continued use of the POLICEMEN’S BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION’s bank accounts without authorization stating that a signature and approval of the Chairman of the Board or at least one other authorized signer, who is not Hadiya Casimir, is required on any draft from the Union’schecking account.

The Chairman states that the Union warned Casimir that her actions would not be tolerated and that she ignored the warnings.

The Chairman states at a previous Union meeting a motion was made to have Ms. Casimir removed from the office. There were thirty-eight members in attendance and all thirty-eight members voted to have Ms. Casimir removed. Although Ms. Casimir was informed of the meeting and the vote; she has refused to relinquish her position.

On Tuesday, August 17, 2021, Ms. Casimir was served by a Process Server with a Notice of Termination.

Ms. Casimir has continued to act on behalf of the union despite her termination. Ms. Casimir has challenged the unanimous vote of the union members removing her from office.

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