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OLG’s Move to FirstBank Building in Town Closer to Reality Following Downpayment

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The Office of the Lieutenant Governor has made a down payment on the FirstBank building that the OLG has agreed to acquire to house its employees, Lt. Governor Tregenza Roach has said.

Speaking during an interview following the re-election of the Bryan-Roach administration on Nov. 8, the lieutenant governor, currently acting governor until Governor Bryan’s return Saturday, said the acquisition and successful transfer of employees to the building will be among items on his agenda during the administration’s second term.

“We’re actually now on contract with the building in town, in Christiansted; we made a down payment,” he said. “Moving into that building, making sure the employees and the customers have a good experience with that is good.”

The Consortium first reported on the acquisition in May following the Bryan-Roach campaign’s success in the 2022 Primary Election.

“We are getting ready right now to complete the purchase of a building in Christiansted, and we’re going to move our employees out of those mold-infested offices in Government House,” Mr. Roach said at the time. 

The building, which is located on King Street is owned by FirstBank, according to records of the property. In 2014, Firstbank planned on closing the branch permanently, people familiar with the matter at the time had told the Consortium. However, that decision was later changed and the branch remained open. 

FirstBank has several other branches on St. Croix, including in Orange Grove, Sunny Isle and Frederiksted.

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