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NPS Commences Work on Cruz Bay Visitor Center, Facility to Remain Open During Construction

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The National Park Service announced this week that it began bulkhead repairs, pier replacement and creek dredging by its Cruz Bay Visitor Center during the first week of February. According to the release, to minimize the impact to boaters, the project is expected to proceed in phases, then move into a full closure of the area from April 25th through mid-August.

The pier will remain open while bulkhead work is occurring in February and March. The first section of the bulkhead that will receive work, Zone I, is the western section that is adjacent to the fuel dock to just before the diagonal pick up and drop off area. This work is scheduled to occur through February 17.

The second section of bulkhead to receive work, Zone II, will be the corner and dinghy area north of the pier. This work is scheduled for February 13 to March 3. During this time the pier will be accessible, but this section of the bulkhead will not be available for use. All dinghies will need to use the section of bulkhead to the south of the pier.

The third section of bulkhead to receive work, Zone III, will be directly in front of the Visitor Center and will include the diagonal loading and unloading area. This work will occur from February 27 to March 17 and during that time, the loading and unloading area will not be available, so all boaters will need to use the pier. The final section of the bulkhead, Zone IV which is the section south of the pier, will be under construction from March 13 to March 31. All dinghies will need to use the section of bulkhead north of the pier. 

According to the release, once the bulkhead work is complete, pier replacement and dredging will take place. To safely complete this work and protect the resources, a turbidity boom will be installed. It is anticipated the boom will be in place from April 25 to August 14. While the turbidity boom is in place, all bulkhead and pier areas will be closed to the public with no access for boats or dinghies. Boaters should comply with all posted signs and remain clear of ongoing marine work.

These marine facility repairs are part of the ongoing recovery efforts from Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Additional notification will occur prior to the installation of the turbidity boom.

“Virgin Islands National Park is excited to move forward with the marine work associated with this project. This work will provide a safer and more enjoyable experience for our visitors. This work compliments the playground renovations that are currently underway and the future plans for renovations to the pavilion and restrooms,” said NPS Deputy Superintendent Scott Simmons.  

The visitor center remains open during construction. Visitors can access the Visitor Center on foot from Cruz Bay or by car, utilizing the parking adjacent to the Visitor Center and abiding by the posted parking regulations. The Park’s public restrooms and pavilion remain open to the public throughout the renovation. 

The NPS said it will provide additional information as the construction schedule is refined.

Each bulkhead zone will be closed for approximately 18 days for demolition, repairs, and concrete curing. These durations are estimates and are subject to change.

The pier will remain open throughout bulkhead repairs.

The pier, Zones II, III, and IV will be closed when the turbidity boom is in place from 4/25/23 to 8/14/23 for dredging and pier replacement work.

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