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Men Arrested For Drug Trafficking Tell Police Backpack With Marijuana, Methamphetamine Found In Their Car Wasn’t Theirs

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Two men, Aron Gumbs and Codero Lake, are facing drug charges following a traffic stop in St. Thomas on March 28. The Special Investigations Bureau officers observed a blue Nissan Altima without a front license plate and pulled the vehicle over. During the stop, officers asked both men if there were any firearms or contraband in the vehicle. Lake admitted to having “just a little joint.”

Lake then pointed to a backpack behind the front passenger seat. Officers ordered the men out of the car and searched the backpack, finding a glass jar containing almost 5 ounces of marijuana packaged into small bags and a bottle of pills later identified as methamphetamine. Both men claimed the backpack did not belong to them.

Gumbs and Lake were arrested and charged with constructive possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. As Lake was on probation from a previous arrest, he was also charged with criminal contempt of court. At their advice of rights hearings on Wednesday, Gumbs was granted bail in the form of a $9,000 unsecured bond, and Lake was bonded out after payment of $1,000 in cash.

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