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Man Tells Police He Wants to Apologize After Alleged Vicious Assault Against Mother of His Child

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ST. THOMAS — A Georgia resident is before the courts accused of assaulting the mother of his child. 

Last Thursday, February 2nd, a woman told police that 26-year-old Kamoy Williams, her child’s father, had been outside her home earlier that day speaking with her father. The woman said that he had parked his vehicle in front of hers, boxing her in. She recounted that she blew her horn and asked Williams to move his vehicle so that she could leave, and he then drove off. 

She left, and as she drove down the road, Williams was ahead of her. The woman told officers that he stopped the vehicle and approached her. She reportedly rolled down her window to speak to him, and Williams asked her why she blew her horn at him, before grabbing her by her hair and banging her head against the driver’s side window. He then allegedly dragged her out of the vehicle, threw her to the side of the road and kicked her in the head. 

While speaking to police, the woman complained of a headache. Despite being advised to seek medical attention, she declined to do so.

On Tuesday this week, Williams turned himself in, saying that he was aware of a report filed against him and he wanted to do the right thing. He told police that he did not intend for any of what transpired to occur and wanted to apologize to his son’s mother. He was then arrested and charged with simple assault and disturbance of the peace as acts of domestic violence.

In court on Wednesday, a judge ruled that Williams be allowed to post $150 cash and to sign an unsecured bond of the remainder of the $1,000 bail. He must complete a waiver of extradition to be allowed to return to Georgia but only if he can provide a suitable third-party custodian.

Williams is to have no unlawful contact with the victim and must have no contact with any witnesses.

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