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Man Suffers Broken Arm Following Police Baton Incident; Allegedly Disrupted Church Service and Assaulted Congregants

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ST. CROIX — A man, identified by the police as a “known mental patient,” was arrested on March 18 after allegedly causing a disturbance at a church and assaulting congregation members.

On March 18, an off-duty police officer attended a church service when Enox Duncan entered the building around 10:00 a.m. wearing a dress and started disrupting the service. Duncan received money from one congregant but was denied by another. After the pastor asked him to leave, Duncan allegedly raised his voice, claiming he was the real pastor.

The off-duty officer, familiar with Duncan, approached him and attempted to escort him out of the church. However, Duncan reportedly hit the officer in the face, leading to a struggle that required other churchgoers to intervene and help remove Duncan from the service, as stated in court documents.

Once outside, the officer and church members managed to bring Duncan to the ground, but he continued to fight back. The off-duty officer decided to retrieve his baton and handcuffs from his nearby residence, briefly leaving Duncan with the congregation members. The officer called dispatch for backup while en route.

Upon returning, the off-duty officer found Duncan standing, with reports that he had struck a congregant in the head. The officer extended his baton and ordered Duncan to the ground, but he refused. The officer then struck Duncan’s left arm with the baton, prompting him to flee before eventually being apprehended and handcuffed. The officer called 911 for assistance when he noticed Duncan was bleeding from his arm.

According to the probable cause fact sheet provided by the arresting officer, Duncan suffered a broken left forearm, open wound lacerations, and bruising to his left cheek. A doctor recommended surgery and requested a mental health evaluation, leaving Duncan under hospital care.

On March 19, police were informed that Duncan tried to leave the hospital against medical advice. VIPD officers responded, and after ensuring Duncan’s wounds were treated, arrested him on charges of aggravated assault and disturbing or breaking up meetings. Unable to post the $1,000 bail, Duncan was taken into custody, awaiting his advice of rights hearing on Monday morning.

The presiding Magistrate ordered psychological and psychiatric evaluations to be conducted on Duncan before April 20, to determine his competency to stand trial, among other considerations.

Duncan’s next court appearance is scheduled for May 3, 2023.

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