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Man is Struck in Neck With Sharp Object After Telling Girlfriend of His Plans to Leave St. Thomas For Good

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ST. THOMAS — A woman appeared before the V.I. Superior Court on Wednesday after admitting to assaulting her boyfriend after he told her he was leaving the territory.

On March 21, just after 6:00 pm, police were summoned to the Fort Christian parking lot after a reported assault. Responding officers met with a man who said that he had been driving near the Richard Callwood Command when he and his girlfriend Karla Robles got into an argument. Robles had reacted negatively, he said, after he told her of his plans to move back to Puerto Rico because he had no family on the island and felt alone.

The man told police that before he knew it, Robles had struck him on the right side of his neck with a nail file. Court documents say that the man was approached by an officer after pulling into the Fort Christian parking lot and trying to escape from his enraged girlfriend.

Police took note of a small laceration to the man’s neck, for which he declined medical attention. Ms. Robles, for her part, admitted to striking the man on his neck and was arrested and charged with simple assault and battery and disturbance of the peace as acts of domestic violence.

Her advice of rights hearing, held on Wednesday, March 22, resulted in Ms. Robles being granted pre-trial release.

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