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Man Facing Multiple Criminal Charges for Allegedly Assaulting Girlfriend’s Brother With Sledgehammer

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ST. THOMAS- Police have charged a man accused of assaulting his girlfriend’s brother with a sledgehammer.

According to the probable cause fact sheet accompanying Kenneth Wigfall Jr.’s arrest, police were summoned to Anna’s Retreat on the morning of May 19th in response to a reported altercation which resulted in serious injuries.

Upon arrival, police found the victim bleeding from the head. He later explained that at about 7:00 a.m. he observed his sister acting suspiciously, looking through the window and the peephole of the front door. He then saw his sister’s boyfriend Wigfall enter the residence and proceed to his sister’s room. The victim told police that Wigfall was not allowed at the residence, indicating that the landlord had installed cameras to ensure that he stayed away. According to the victim, he knocked on his sister’s door and when she responded, he stated, “What is he doing here? You know he’s not supposed to be here!” His sister replied that Wigfall had only come for his clothes but the brother insisted that the man needed to leave immediately.

The victim says Wigfall left a few minutes later with his clothes and he went to his sister’s room to reiterate that her boyfriend was not welcome at the residence. A verbal confrontation followed which escalated into a minor physical altercation. According to the victim, his sister shoved him and he retaliated by doing the same. The man further told police that an argument then erupted between his girlfriend and his sister and that his younger brother attempted to separate them. 

However, based on the victim’s statement, the argument recommenced outside the house moments later. He says as he attempted to separate the women, Wigfall returned, running down the hill wielding a sledgehammer. The victim says Wigfall struck him to the forehead with the weapon, causing him to bleed profusely. This prompted a struggle over the sledgehammer, and his younger brother was eventually able to pull the weapon away to avoid any further incident. Wigfall then fled the scene and the victim was later transported to the hospital via ambulance. 

Police investigations revealed that this is an ongoing situation and that the landlord had said the family would have to relocate if Wigfall continued to frequent the residence and cause disturbances. Police were also informed that the landlord had installed surveillance cameras after it was discovered that Wigfall had been sneaking into the house, despite being ordered to stay away. Investigations further revealed that the man had reportedly threatened his girlfriend’s younger brother months prior.

On the afternoon of Friday, June 17, police arrested Wigfall, charging him with first and third-degree assault, reckless endangerment, mayhem, simple assault and disturbance of the peace. He appeared for a hearing on Tuesday, where the judge found probable cause for all the charges except reckless endangerment. During the hearing, Assistant Attorney General Brenda Scales referred to the incident as mutilation, referencing photos which she says suggest permanent injury. The court also learned that the victim has since been suffering from migraines and has been experiencing unsteadiness while standing.

At the conclusion of the hearing, the judge stated that Wigfall will be released upon the posting of 10 percent of his bail which was set at $75,000 following his arrest. However, the defendant must provide the court with proof of a proper address prior to his release. He has also been prohibited from going to the residence, with the judge stressing that if he disobeys this order he must be immediately arrested and remanded to the Bureau of Corrections to await trial. Wigfall has also been ordered to remain at least 75 feet away from the residence, the victim and any witnesses. He is to have absolutely no direct or indirect contact with the victim or any witnesses.

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