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Man Driving Vitara That Killed Elderly Victim in La Grande Princesse Gives His Version of What Occurred

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ST. CROIX — Sayif Brooks, the suspect arrested for negligent homicide after striking and killing a 79-year-old man in La Grande Princesse Tuesday, has told police his version of what occurred that fateful night.

A probable cause fact sheet submitted to the court states that Brooks claimed to be driving at approximately 40 miles per hour prior to the crash. During an interview with police, Brooks admitted that he saw the pedestrian but did not stop, despite thinking to himself that he should allow the pedestrian to cross.

According to the fact sheet, upon impact, the victim’s body was thrown approximately 77 feet from inside the marked crosswalk to the sidewalk on the southern edge of the westbound lane. His shoes were reportedly thrown off his feet and deposited onto the roadway while his glasses and other personal effects were thrown into the westbound lane. 

Following his arrest, Brooks appeared for an advisement hearing on Friday where the judge concluded that bail would remain at $25,000, but Brooks would be allowed release upon the posting of 10 percent. He will be required to sign an unsecured bond for the remainder of the bail amount. 

According to the V.I. Police Department, officers were dispatched to the scene of the incident at about 10:22 p.m. Tuesday. The V.I.P.D. said Brooks was driving at a high rate of speed in a green Suzuki Vitara when he struck killed Howard R. Dyer, who was attempting to cross the road.

The incident occurred in the westbound lane of the Northside Road on Route 75 in the vicinity of the 2 Plus 2 Bar and Restaurant in La Grande Princesse, according to police.

Upon arrival to the scene, the officers observed the pedestrian — a male individual later identified as Howard R. Dyer — lying on the southern edge of the westbound lane. The vehicle involved in the accident, the green Suzuki Vitara, came to a stop in the westbound lane approximately five feet from the pedestrian, according to the police report.

A preliminary investigation revealed that the vehicle operated by the driver was heading westbound, the V.I.P.D. said. The victim exited the 2 Plus 2 establishment and began walking eastward then came to a stop facing south in front of the crosswalk. Mr. Dyer was observed waiting for the traffic heading eastbound, the police report says. Evidence indicates that when it appeared to be safe to cross, Mr. Dyer starting walking on the crosswalk.

Evidence further indicates that while in the crosswalk heading south towards the area where he had parked his white pick-up truck, Mr. Dyer saw a vehicle traveling westbound towards him at a high rate of speed, the police department said. Noticing the incoming vehicle, Mr. Dyer started to run southward while still in the crosswalk. He was then struck and killed by the green Suzuki Vitara. Mr. Dyer succumbed to his injuries at the scene of the collision, according to the police department.

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