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Man Charged With Kidnapping and False Imprisonment After Holding Ex-girlfriend Against Her Will, Threatening Her With a Knife

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ST. CROIX — Police have arrested and charged a 39-year-old man after he allegedly kept a woman at his residence against her will and then entered her residence without permission.

Kareem Edwards was arrested on Saturday after police responded to reports from his ex-girlfriend that he had entered her apartment and pulled out a knife. The woman said that Edwards refused to let her leave his apartment for several hours the previous night. She told police that she asked him to take her home several times and expressed that she wanted to leave, but he responded by telling her to sit down and shut up because she wasn’t going anywhere. According to the woman, out of fear she told Edwards that she wasn’t feeling well and needed to take her medication which was at home.

The woman explained that Edwards dropped her home on Saturday morning and later returned to the apartment but she refused to let him in. According to the probable cause fact sheet, a friend later visited to bring her breakfast and Edwards returned, rushing in behind the individual. The woman says when she asked how he had gotten in he ignored her and instead pulled out a pocket knife. She then instructed her friend to go into her room, but the individual left the residence instead. It is alleged that Edwards chased the woman’s friend with the knife and then drove behind the individual, allegedly threatening them. The woman then called 911 in fear that he would hurt her friend.

Police put out a bulletin as they were initially unable to locate Edwards after going to his residence. However, later that same day the woman reported that he had returned to her apartment yet again. While en route to the apartment, the responding officer noticed Edwards along the way. He was stopped and the officer retrieved a knife from the vehicle he was driving. He was detained and slapped with six charges- false imprisonment and kidnapping, unlawful entry, brandishing/ exhibiting or using a dangerous weapon, carrying or using a dangerous weapon during the commission of a crime of violence, third-degree assault and disturbance of the peace.

At his advisement hearing on Monday, bail was set at $15,000 and the judge concluded that Edwards would be allowed to post $700 in cash and sign an unsecured bond for the remainder. This figure was proposed by Edwards’ attorney and agreed to by the Assistant Attorney General after the court learned that this was what Edwards could afford at the moment.

During the pendency of the matter, Edwards will reside with a relative who will serve as his third-party custodian. He will be placed on a 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. curfew and has been ordered to remain at least 1000 feet from the alleged victim at all times. The judge stressed that he is not to go to her residence and is not to have any contact with her under any circumstance.

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