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Man Arrested and Charged After Failing to Register as a Sex Offender

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ST. CROIX — Police have arrested and charged a man for failure to register as a sex offender.

Court documents indicate that Carl Decicco, age 37, was arrested in April 2003 for first-degree unlawful sexual contact. He was sentenced to six months of incarceration in 2004, followed by four and a half years of supervised probation upon his release. 

The probable cause fact sheet submitted by police states that an officer visited Decicco’s last known address at Bethlehem Village on the morning of May 17th. According to the fact sheet, this was part of the Annual Sexual Offender Registration and Notification Act initiative. 

However, upon reaching the location, the officer was met by a relative of Decicco who indicated that he no longer resided at said address. According to police, the relative stated that Decicco had moved out over two weeks ago. While they noted that he had moved to another unit in Bethlehem Village, the individual was unsure of the exact address. 

The law states that all registered sexual offenders must notify the V.I. Department of Justice of any changes to their address within three business days. Based on this, Decicco was taken into custody on the afternoon of May 17th in the vicinity of the boardwalk. He told police that he no longer lived at his last registered address and that he stays at other locations. However, according to the probable cause fact sheet, he did not disclose those addresses. 

Upon his arrest, Decicco was transported to the Golden Grove Correctional Facility to await his advisement hearing on Wednesday. At that hearing, bail was set at $5,500 and the judge concluded that he would be released on the signing of an unsecured bond for the full amount. That bond will also be signed by a relative of the defendant who will serve as his third-party custodian. Decicco will have to reside with that custodian for the pendency of this matter. He will also be placed on house arrest without the use of an electronic monitor and will be permitted to leave the house to seek medical treatment, go to work, attend court and meet with his attorney.

The judge indicated that while the defendant will be permitted to leave the house under some other circumstances, he will be required to be in the company of his custodian when doing so.

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