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Man Arrested After Allegedly Stalking and Kidnapping His Wife, Threatening to Alert Immigration of Her Status

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ST. THOMAS — Dorian Hairston has been arrested on a slew of charges including stalking, kidnapping, larceny and disturbance of the peace by both threats and harassment.

According to a seven-page fact sheet before the local courts, the charges are based on reports from Hairston’s wife that he continuously harassed and intimidated her. 

The woman spoke to police on Monday and Tuesday, telling them that Hairston has been coming to her workplace despite repeated requests for him to stop. She said that Hairston had shown up to her workplace several times within the last week, demanding to speak to her and causing her to fear for her safety. According to her statement to police, Hairston allegedly told her “it is in your best interest to speak to me, or things will end bad for you today.”

The woman told police that she had moved out of their shared residence months ago after being “emotionally and mentally abused” by Hairston. She said that he “referred to her as an illegal immigrant, constantly accused her of cheating, became a nuisance at her place of employment, and threatened to have immigration pick her up.” She further stated that when upset, Hairston would slam items and doors, yell at her and tell her to get out. According to her statement, he would also try to control who she spoke to, which customers she dealt with at work, and would wake her up late at night to argue. 

After moving out and telling him that she wanted a divorce, Hairston reportedly began harassing the woman’s friends and family and threatening to call immigration on her. Police also spoke to the women’s employer, who reported that she had asked Hairston numerous times to stop coming to the workplace as he often caused disturbances and scared customers. 

The victim of Hairston’s alleged harassment also detailed an incident where she claimed he begged her to get into his vehicle to talk and then drove off, refusing to let her out.

She told police that she kept asking him to take her back to work, indicating that she did not want to leave with him but he instead told her that they should fix things. She turned off his truck but the doors were locked. The woman says she then called a relative who stated that they would call the police. Upon hearing that, Hairston allegedly began to curse at her. He then told her that he would drive her back to work, but instead drove her to another area. According to her version of events, she got out of the vehicle and walked away but Hairston allegedly followed her, grabbed her cellphone and ran away with it. When he later showed up at her workplace she asked him for the phone and he stated that he had turned it into immigration. He then affirmed that she would have to “follow his rules” to get the cellphone back, but never returned it. 

After taking the woman’s statement on Tuesday, police later received a report that Hairston had visited her workplace yet again. However, when they showed up they were informed that he had already left. Police encountered him in the area shortly after and enquired about his frequent visits to the woman’s workplace despite being asked to stay away. According to the fact sheet, Hairston replied “I am married to an illegal immigrant who has a legally binding agreement where she has to talk to me.” Police then advised him that he would be temporarily detained, to which he reportedly responded “it would be in your best interest not to go through with this,” before telling police that his wife should be arrested as well. 

According to police, while at the station Hairston adamantly refused to comply with police orders, walking away from officers and refusing to put his cellphone away. Police say he provided a fake date of birth and address and demanded to speak with the governor and Commissioner. The fact sheet further describes Hairston pulling his dreadlocks to the front of his face and grimacing and laughing through the window of the booking room. He also climbed on top of the toilet in the booking cell and began to pry the light fixture from the ceiling, after being told to stop several times. He then removed the bulbs and began banging them on the walls and door of the holding cell. 

The probable cause fact sheet states that Police Commissioner Ray Martinez eventually entered the cell and spoke with Hairston, explaining the arrest process to him. He was subsequently turned into the Bureau of Corrections to await his advisement hearing.

V.I.P.D. Direction of Communications, Glen Dratte told the Consortium that Hairston as of late Wednesday was unwilling to go through the booking process and a mugshot of the suspect had not been taken.”He’s being held at the Bureau of Corrections until he cooperates,” Mr. Dratte said.

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