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Man Allegedly Assaults Girlfriend During Dispute

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ST. THOMAS — Bail has been set for a man accused of physically assaulting his girlfriend during an argument.

Jesus Tucent Septimo was charged with simple assault and disturbance of the peace, both categorized as crimes of domestic violence. The charges were filed after police responded to a dispute in the early hours of Monday morning. The alleged victim reported that her boyfriend had struck her in the face causing a cut to her lip and leaving marks on the left side of her face. According to the probable cause fact sheet, officers also observed a red stain on her shirt that appeared to be blood. 

The woman explained that she and Septimo arrived at their residence together and once inside he asked who was in his house on the bed. She told him that no one was on the bed and attempted to leave the room but he prevented her from doing so. She told police that he proceeded to hit her in the face with his fist and they began pushing each other. According to the woman, the dispute led neighbors to come outside and ask Septimo to calm down. However, he reportedly refused to do so and instead continued to yell at the woman. The alleged victim recounted that Septimo then left the residence in his vehicle but returned shortly after and once again asked “who was on my bed?”, prompting another argument. She then went into the bathroom to call 911. 

When police spoke to Septimo he stated that he and his girlfriend had argued because he had reason to believe that she had been unfaithful. He claimed that during the argument she struck him with a piece of wood on his head and arm. However, according to the fact sheet, he did not appear to have sustained any visible injuries. Police investigations revealed that this appears to be an ongoing situation between the couple. The fact sheet states that police have responded to three previous reports of domestic disturbances between the pair in the last six months.

Following his arrest, Septimo was turned over to the Bureau of Corrections to await his advisement hearing which took place on Monday morning. The judge set bail at $1000 with no allowance for a 10 percent provision, meaning that Septimo will be required to post the full amount. He has also been ordered to submit his travel documents including his passport and driver’s license to the court.

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