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Man Accused of Choking, Slapping and Kicking Girlfriend Facing Domestic Violence Charges in Court

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ST. JOHN — Brummell Germain is the latest to appear in court on domestic violence charges after police say he assaulted his girlfriend and damaged her property.

On January 19, police responded to a complaint made by a woman who said that her boyfriend, Brummell Germain, had assaulted her. She stated that about 7:20 a.m. that day she was in their bedroom folding clothes, when she asked Germain for the keys to the mailbox. Germain told her he would check it instead and he didn’t want her to do anything for him. She said he called her derogatory names and said that she wasn’t good for anything.

Whilst arguing in the kitchen, Germain reportedly washed his hands and threw water in the woman’s face. She described him grabbing her by the neck and telling her that he was going to kill her that day. She says she tried to tell him to stop but was unable to speak or breathe. According to court documents, when Germain finally let go of the woman’s throat, she says she ran for her cellphone so she could record what he was doing to her. Germain reportedly mocked the woman’s tears before taking the phone away, removing $65 from the case and finally smashing the iPhone 13 with a hammer, rendering it useless. 

The man reportedly responded to the woman’s attempts to reach for her phone by kicking her twice in the stomach, dropping her to the floor. He then went outside and tossed the device into the bushes. The woman said she rushed out to retrieve it but discovered that it was completely destroyed.

The woman told police that she went back inside to gather her belongings but Germain attacked again, slapping her several times in the face. This time, she reportedly punched back before running upstairs to the apartment where Germain’s parents lived. There, she met his brother, who let him use his phone to call her mother. The woman’s mother subsequently called the police before heading out to her daughter’s aid.

The woman’s mother arrived before officers, and her daughter’s belongings were loaded into her vehicle. Germain reportedly threw a hair straightening appliance at the older woman, almost striking her in the face, before cursing her and speaking negatively about her daughter’s upbringing. 

The mother met with officers at the end of the roadway and advised them that Germain had a weapon in his pants pocket. Germain handed over to police his licensed .40 caliber Glock handgun.

Germain told police that his girlfriend had damaged a framed photo and a television and that she had thrown his clothes and other items throughout the residence. He said that he did not have any additional weapons in the residence, but when officers found a locked rifle case Germain said that he had forgotten about the firearm and he could not remember where the keys for the case were.

The woman was found to have sustained bruises to both sides of her neck, both arms and a laceration to her upper lip and left pinky finger. Germain had scratches on his chest and back. According to court documents, this incident is not the first time that Germain is alleged to have assaulted his girlfriend. In February 2022, the woman said that he placed a plastic bag over her head and face in an attempt to suffocate her but she bit through the plastic to allow her to breathe.

Germain was placed under arrest and charged with second and third-degree assault, simple assault and disturbance of the peace — all as acts of domestic violence. He was also charged with destruction of property and petit larceny.

In court on Friday, a judge ruled that Germain be allowed to post $1000 cash to secure his release. He will be barred from leaving the St. Thomas- St. John District without the court’s written permission and must report to the Office of Probation once a week. The victim will be granted one opportunity to retrieve any belongings from Germain’s residence. He was ordered to stay at least 50 ft away from the victim and to not visit her place of employment or her residence. His next scheduled court appearance is February 3rd, 2023.

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