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I Wear This Lululemon Hoodie Every Single Day

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Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Scouted/Lululemon

These days, what I wear “to work” is strictly athleisure. It needs to be comfortable, but it cannot by any means, be sweats. Those are special, reserved for when the sun sets and I’m actually going into full relaxation mode. If I wear them during the day, I’ll spend the entire day with my feet up on the couch. No, the ideal in between is loungewear that is comfy yet has some form and shape. Lululemon easily makes my favorite pants for the job (ones I wear every single day) but as of recently, I discovered that they also make my favorite top, too.

The name of Lululemon’s choosing — the At Ease Hoodie — couldn’t be more perfect. It doesn’t put me in a full state of relaxation, but it does keep me comfortable yet focused throughout the day. The fit isn’t necessarily loose nor is it tight—it’s the perfect in between. It feels like a perfectly fitting T-shirt, and not a baggy hoodie by any means. The fabric, a cotton and polyester blend, feels like the most subtle waffle-knit fabric I’ve ever felt and the tiny ripples and bumps feel nice on the fingertips as well. It’s breathable, too, so I’m never hot in my apartment while wearing it, but it’s also a great layer for whenever I opt to head outside for a quick grocery run or a walk.

Even though it’s the perfect hoodie to wear all day and even during a Zoom call, my favorite part about it is it’s great to exercise in, too. I feel like Rocky during his training montage, just a substantially more fashionable, updated, and admittedly, less in shape version.

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