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I Have No Idea How Much Ham to Buy Per Person

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When it comes to planning the ham for Easter or Christmas dinner (or any meal where a large-format pork will be the hero), a number of questions present themselves almost immediately: Where should I buy the ham? What type of ham should I buy? Bone-in or boneless? How much ham per person? and so on. Odds are your holiday meal has been a bit smaller in recent years, but intimate gatherings with family and friends are starting to get back to normal. These questions remain just as important when serving your household of three as they were when you were hosting 20. It’s intimidating enough to host a larger-than-normal group of loved ones and the cost of food, wine, and festive décor can add up fast. You don’t want to spend more than you need to, so, let’s break down exactly how many pounds of boneless or bone-in ham you need per guest.

How much ham per person?

The best rule of thumb for ham is to plan about 1/2 pound per person when picking a bone-in ham (it’s heavier) and 1/3 pound if boneless. Look, at the end of the day, some people will eat more than expected, some will eat less—it’ll even out. If you’re making a lot of side dishes, err on the smaller side; if you texted your roommates “ham party at 3 p.m. on Sunday,” consider buying more. And if you definitely want leftovers for ham sandwiches, breakfast omelettes and quiches, or mini ham croquettes, then go for an extra pound or two.


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