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Frotcast 448: ‘Boys State’ And WAPS With Jason Webb

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Hi again, it’s that time of week again where Matt and Vince take a break from their life of isolation with their significant others and talk to each other about wet ass p*ssies in perfect Irish accents and release the conversation for public consumption. Now that I’ve explained what podcasting is to you fine people, I think it’s best that I tell you what we talked about this week. On this week’s Frotcast, we invited comedian Jason Webb to the virtual Frotquarters to talk about the upcoming Apple+ documentary Boys State which follows a group of high school teens as they take a crash course in running a political campaign. We also talk Cardi B’s hot new single WAP as well as the Ben Shapiro remix. Plus, there’s a brief update on the life of Jordan B. Peterson and much more. It’s a good pod. Please listen. Please, please listen.

Additionally, over on the premium feed this week we have an extended interview with the directors of The Swamp for HBO, a doc about our broken political system. Subscribe today and listen to it! No refunds.

Here’s that thread on Jordan B. Peterson:

And the Ben Shapiro remix:

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