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Frederiksted Man Facing DUI Charges After Saturday Auto Collision on River Road

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ST. CROIX — One man answered to DUI charges on Monday after an auto collision on Saturday evening.

On February 18, Police responded to reports of a vehicular collision on River Road, near the Church of God Seventh Day church, just after 7:30 pm.

Officers found Andre Joseph, who had been driving a white Acura TL, and the other driver involved in the collision, a woman driving a white 2019 Dodge Ram. The woman told police that she had been heading north on River Road when she noticed the Acura swerving into her lane. She says Joseph struck the front left side of her passenger door.

When they approached Joseph, officers noted the odor of alcohol on his breath. He admitted that he had been drinking some beers, and agreed to undergo the three standardized field sobriety tests, which he failed. 

Joseph was then arrested and taken to the Wilbur H. Francis Command Police Station. He declined the chemical intoximeter text, and was subsequently charged with driving while under the influence of an intoxicating liquor.

He submitted his driver’s license in lieu of bail, and in court on Monday, the presiding judge ordered that his license be suspended for 90 days, during which temporary privileges would be granted only for Joseph to drive to work, school, and to a petrol station to refuel.

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