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Fracas at Emerald Beach Results in Disturbance of the Peace Charge Against St. Thomas Man

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ST. THOMAS — A man who police say was making a scene at a beachfront restaurant now faces public nuisance charges in court.

Police were dispatched to Emerald Beach on Saturday after receiving reports of a public disturbance. They met with the complainant, who told them that he had been receiving complaints from several guests who said a man later identified as Livingston Hughes was disturbing them.The complainant told police that he advised Hughes to move away from the front of the hotel, referencing previous instructions from the court. Hughes reportedly responded with profanity, which is when the man said he called 911 for police assistance.

Officers made contact with Hughes, letting him know that there have been complaints about his behavior, and asking him to move towards “the Lindbergh side of the beach.” Police instructed him that he was not allowed in or near the Emerald Beach restaurant, but Hughes reportedly ignored them, walking through the crowd of people shouting expletives and declaring that he could go wherever he wanted. He got to the restaurant and continued to shout, drawing attention and causing a scene. “Get out of the white people them place,” he reportedly shouted, while tossing his phone at a guest lying on one of the lawn chairs.

Hughes also reportedly threw a handful of sand at the officer that was attempting to get him to leave, and then refused to leave the shallow water when instructed to do so, shouting expletives all the while. He was arrested and charged with disturbance of the peace and public nuisance, and appeared in court on Monday for his advice of rights hearing.

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