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Former Gubernatorial Candidate and Fire Chief Involved in Shooting Incident; Police Investigating

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ST. CROIX — Former gubernatorial candidate and St. Croix Fire Chief, Angel Torres, was involved in a shooting incident that allegedly saw Mr. Torres and his neighbor firing gunshots at each other’s homes, the Consortium has learned.

The publication reached out to the V.I.P.D. for details about the incident, which occurred on Monday during the 3:00 a.m. hour, as there was no report from the Police Department on the apparent reckless endangerment incident.

In response, the V.I.P.D. prepared a report and moved to classify the shooting as first-degree reckless endangerment, though neither of the suspects involved have been arrested, according to V.I.P.D. Director of Communications Glen Dratte.

According to the report, on Monday members of the Criminal Investigation Bureau were dispatched to investigate a complaint of first-degree reckless endangerment where two neighbors fired multiple shots at each other, causing property damages.

According to the V.I.P.D., an investigation revealed that the neighbors have been feuding for a while and that during a verbal disturbance, someone opened fire, leading to subsequent gunshots from both sides of the property line.

The V.I.P.D. did not provide information on who fired first or the residential community where the shooting occurred, stating that an investigation into the incident was active.

Mr. Torres was a Lt. Gov. candidate in the gubernatorial race during the 2014 Democratic Primary Election. He also served as St. Croix Fire Chief during the former Gov. John P. de Jongh administration.

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