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Flex Wheeler’s Instagram Account Hacked

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Impersonation Thieves Abound on Instagram

Flex Wheeler, professional athlete, mega influencer, and all-around great guy, caring, compassionate, and generous, is yet another in a long list of Instagram subscribers who have had their accounts hacked…stolen…by gutless swine who impersonate Instagram subscribers to convince followers to invest in their bogus scheme.

Here is how it works….these cowards hack into your account and change your login credentials so even you cannot access your Instagram profile. Impersonating you, they post these fake claims telling your followers the huge money they (you) made investing in their fake scheme. They even post fake bank slips and other fake financial records to convince your followers they are you. They use your good reputation to get your followers to send them money and then they disappear.

We know how hard all of you have worked and how you have had to dedicate yourselves to building your followers. Imagine, though, struggling, suffering, and sacrificing to achieve recognition, popularity, and success as a professional athlete and then to have it stolen by some low-life, scum-sucking piece of trash. There are few words that describe the anguish and pain.

Be warned, Instagram will not and does not have to do a thing to prevent the scheme, impersonation, and the theft of money. They will not risk any action that could minimize the immunity they now enjoy. Be prepared for the Instagram mantra…that is between you and the person you say stole from you!

So, once again, as a follower, it is up to you. If you see a claim that you can make twice, three times, or a million times your investment simply by sending money, it is too good to be true.

You know who to blame and it is not the account holder, influencer, or the good guys…like professional athlete Flex Wheeler!

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