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Fahie to Be Released on $500,000 Bond After Court Modifies Bail Conditions

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Andrew Fahie will be able to bond out of the federal detention facility in Miami where he has been held since his arrest in late April on drug and money laundering charges.

A hearing on the matter on Monday resulted in Judge Kathleen Williams deciding that, with some modifications, the bail conditions designed by Magistrate Judge Alicia Otazo-Reyes were sufficient to provide reasonable assurance that Fahie would appear in court for trial. 

The $500,000 personal security bond that must be cosigned by Fahie, his daughter and a friend will remain. The court also ordered a matching $500,0000 corporate security bond along with a nebbia – a bail sufficiency hearing in which Fahie must prove that the money or collateral backing the bond comes from legitimate sources. 

If released from detention, Fahie will be placed on house arrest complete with 24/7 electronic monitoring. Attorney visits will have to take place on site – he will not be allowed to leave the residence to meet with Theresa Van Vliet, who today  filed papers notifying the court that she had been permanently retained on Fahie’s behalf. 

Apart from the two bonds, the house arrest and the electronic monitoring, Fahie will also be required to sign an extradition waiver that is applicable world-wide — thus eliminating any safe havens that might have existed if he were to decide to flee prosecution.

Once the funds are arranged and the nebbia scheduled and heard, Fahie is likely to be freed to await trial – unless government prosecutors decide to continue the appeals process by asking the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals to review  the decision to grant bond.

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