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Eight Seniors Test Positive For Covid-19 at Herbert Grigg Home for the Aged on St. Croix

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The V.I. Dept. of Human Services on Tuesday confirmed that eight residents of the Herbert Grigg Home for the Aged have tested positive for Covid-19.

Herbert Grigg Home staff has notified family members of the eight residents who tested positive, according to the DHS release. These individuals have been moved into isolation in a separate wing of the seniors home, and they will continue to receive enhanced medical care and supervision treatment there.

“Until further notice, the Herbert Grigg Home for the Aged will not accept visitors on the campus,” DHS said.

The department said it has adhered to strict Covid protocols, including mandatory masking, social/physical distancing, when possible Covid-19 vaccinations for all residents, providing updated education to staff about the virus and vaccinations. DHS recently relaxed its no-visitation policy and enforced weekly Covid-19 testing for both residents and staff. “However, even with this combined approach of preventative actions, eight clients were identified as positive for the Covid-19 virus during testing today,” DHS said.

“Due to the stringent virus screening protocols already in place, the medical staff at Herbert Grigg Home were able to identify and rapidly respond with treatment to the affected clients,” stated the release. “Herbert Grigg Home also received immediate assistance from the Department of Health’s epidemiology team to ensure the proper Covid-19 measures were being implemented at the site, and to make sure individual medical assessments were being completed in effort to isolate further infections.”

DHS said it will continue to meet regularly “to discuss the daily strategy of addressing effective methods of combatting the spread of coronavirus at the facility.”

D.O.H. Medical Director and Territorial Infectious Disease Specialist, Dr. Tai Hunte-Ceasar, commended DHS and their rapid response utilizing test to treat, according to the release.

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