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Edward P. McKenzie Creates Scholarship Fund For USVI Graduating High School Seniors

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Businessman and property developer Edward P. McKenzie recently announced the launch of a new scholarship fund for graduating high school seniors in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Known as The Edward P. McKenzie Family Trust Scholarship, the new scholarship program seeks to provide more funding options for accomplished high school graduates, according to a release issued Tuesday.

McKenzie formally launched the scholarship alongside his sons, Drew and Scott McKenzie. Together, they are committed to helping make college more accessible to Virgin Islanders through their scholarship fund. In addition to the scholarship, the program will also offer grants for those who meet the general objectives of enabling the recipient to improve his or her health or social, educational, or career qualifications to overcome a challenge not of their own making.

“My sons and I believe that higher education is an important avenue for social and economic advancement. All accomplished students deserve the opportunity to continue their education in college, without finances acting as a barrier,” said Edward McKenzie. “In this small way we hope to make a contribution to that effort.”

The scholarship amount offered will range from $500 to $2,500 and can be used to fund any academic or school-related expenses, which include travel, housing and support while away at school, as well as tuition.

The scholarship is designed for students who:

  • Are graduating from high school in the current calendar year;
  • Have academic standing placing the applicant in the top 10% of his or her graduating class;
  • Have been accepted by, and intend to attend, a college or university located in the continental United States;
  • Have a demonstrated history of community service;
  • Have extensive involvement in high school and/or civic extra-curricular activities;
  • Have a demonstrated need for financial assistance; and
  • Show evidence of a passion for improving public conditions of health, society, government, science, art or education.


“We have always been extremely passionate about education and making it more accessible to accomplished students. We hope that our scholarship will bring the financial support they need to pursue their academic goals by attending the university of their choice,” said fellow committee member Drew McKenzie.

“With this small addition to a student’s resources we can aid Virgin Islanders intending to attend college in the mainland and help ease their financial burden,” said Scott McKenzie, a 2017 graduate of Ivanna Eudora Kean High School and graduating senior from Fordham University in New York City. “We want to help accomplished graduates achieve their educational goals, improve their economic prospects and help their families.”

According to the release, the first scholarships are available for graduating high school seniors throughout the U.S. Virgin Islands, with applications for June graduates due by May 31st. The Trust intends to offer the scholarships semi-annually to future graduates.

June 2021 graduates who would like to apply for The Edward P. McKenzie Family Trust Scholarship should complete the application provided at EdwardPMcKenzieFamilyTrust.com.

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