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Duo Allegedly Breaks Into Nightclub, Steals $1,650 Worth of Alcoholic Beverage

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ST. THOMAS — Bail has been set for one of two suspects caught on camera robbing a nightclub.

Shaniquah Lewis has been charged with grand larceny, aiding and abetting and third-degree burglary, aiding and abetting. 

On Wednesday evening police were dispatched to the business establishment in reference to a reported burglary. The owner stated that the storeroom of the nightclub was burglarized and several items were missing including two laptops, various liquor bottles and a cordless drill. The total value of the missing items was estimated at $1,650. 

According to the business owner, the intruder disconnected his interior camera in the store room by hand. The following day police were able to review surveillance footage which showed two suspects- a Caucasian man and an African American woman. According to the probable cause fact sheet, the male suspect approached the business with a knife in hand and forced his way inside while using a shirt to cover his face. He was caught on camera placing several bottles of liquor on the countertop while the female suspect stood outside of the establishment maintaining a lookout. She then went into the establishment and retrieved the bottles, carrying them outside. 

The male suspect followed her outside with a six-pack of beer in hand and returned approximately two hours later with a backpack. He was seen reaching for items near the entrance of the establishment where the laptops were stored. The laptops were later visible inside his backpack. The footage also showed the male suspect approaching the camera and unplugging it.

When police reviewed the footage with the owner of the establishment, he identified the female suspect as Shaniqua Lewis, who was known to him from around the community. Police made contact with Lewis on Saturday and she was arrested and charged.

On Monday she appeared before a judge who set bail at $25,000 with an allowance for her release upon the posting of 10 percent.

During the hearing, it was revealed that Lewis has no fixed address and so prior to her release a document must be submitted to the court stating where she can be found while this matter is pending. The defendant has been ordered to remain at least 20 feet away from the nightclub and its owner at all times. She is prohibited from entering the establishment and from having contact with the businessman.

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