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Dr. David Hall’s Letter to the Editor on Passing of Alexander Moorhead

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I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Chairman Emeritus Alexander Moorhead, who devoted 24 years of service to the University of the Virgin Islands’ Board of Trustees and spent five years as Chairman.

My Presidential journey at the University of the Virgin Islands was incredibly fortunate to begin under the guidance of Alex Moorhead as Chairman of the Board of Trustees. A brilliant and thoughtful individual, he held himself and others to the highest standards of excellence. During our first meeting after my appointment, I asked him, “What do you need from me?” His calm and thoughtful response, “I need for you to be successful,” was all that needed to be said. He played a significant role in the success the University achieved during the early years of my presidency.

Our time together as President and Chairman was productive, inspiring, and meaningful. Moorhead was a leader, a counselor, a boss, and a champion. He was genuinely concerned about the well-being of my family and often inquired about them. I admired him on both a personal and intellectual level, and our partnership was sometimes an imposing sight for others.

Chairman Moorhead was the most meticulous individual I have ever had the pleasure of working with. We quickly realized that he would thoroughly review and approve any submitted materials, identifying mistakes and suggesting corrections. His dedication to his role was apparent, and he inspired others to take their responsibilities just as seriously.

A particularly cherished memory from my tenure as president was presenting Alexander Moorhead with an honorary degree of Humane Letters during the University’s 2021 Commencement Ceremony. This moment not only recognized his remarkable accomplishments in both public and private sectors, but it also allowed me to express my gratitude for his invaluable contributions to the institution we both cherished.

While Alexander Moorhead was known for his towering height and dignified stature, his most notable qualities were his statesmanship, excellence, and wisdom. He asked questions to foster understanding, not to condemn; he explored options to encourage smart ideas from those around him. His quiet, measured approach reflected the wisdom he possessed.

I will dearly miss this icon of leadership and service, who set a standard that few of us will ever achieve. The Virgin Islands should take great pride in Alexander Moorhead, who emerged from its soil to pursue and embody excellence and service, exceeding all expectations during his time on Earth.

As his soul ascends to the heavens, I hope that it finds solace among other angelic beings. The celestial realm must now be vigilant about what it submits for divine review and approval, as the bar has undoubtedly been raised.

With Deepest Appreciation and Sympathy, David Hall President, University of the Virgin Islands

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