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DPNR’s Town Halls on Territorial Land and Water Use Planning Celebrated as Successful

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The Department of Planning and Natural Resources (DPNR) praises the recent town hall meetings for the Comprehensive Lands & Water Use Plan (CLWUP) as a successful event, attracting over 600 participants across three islands.

DPNR Commissioner Jean-Pierre Oriol expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “It was exciting to see everyone come together in support and planning of the future of the Virgin Islands. We had an incredible turnout.”

The DPNR organized two town hall meetings on each of the three main islands. Attendees formed small groups to discuss strategies for protecting, strengthening, investing in, or transforming their respective districts or the territory as a whole. Participants had the opportunity to mark maps with areas of interest for preservation, transformation, or investment, and were encouraged to submit ideas on a worksheet.

To ensure a diverse representation of the community’s interests and goals, the DPNR reached out to various sectors. Although the town halls have concluded, the agency continues to accept public input through the project website, which features information presented during the meetings. The online survey will remain open until March 26.

According to the DPNR, the CLWUP serves as the territory’s official guide for land and water use and sustainable development, providing a long-term, comprehensive vision.

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