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DHS Says Seven of Eight Seniors Who Tested Positive For Covid-19 at Herbert Grigg Now Out of Isolation

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The V.I. Dept. of Human Services said Friday that seven of eight seniors who testified positive Covid-19 at the Herbert Grigg Home for the Aged recently are recovering and have been moved out of isolation, with only one senior remaining in seclusion as of Friday.

The first two residents were moved out of isolation on Saturday, August 27, while the other six patients received care, anti-viral treatment, and individual medical assessments in a separate wing of the campus. “Initially, four out of the eight patients did not exhibit any signs of symptoms, the remaining four were treated with Paxlovid through DOH’s test to treat initiative directly on site. Our last resident on isolation continues to receive enhanced medical care and supervised treatment. They are slated to be cleared and out of isolation by September 7,” D.H.S. said.

On Friday, nurses at Herbert Grigg also conducted follow-up screenings for the entire staff and residential population. “No new residents were found positive of Covid-19. As per CDC and DOH guidelines, this baseline test will now allow HGH to launch a 14-day window of no new resident cases in an effort to obtain an “all clear status” at the facility,” D.H.S. further stated.

“Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our staff at Herbert Grigg, along with guidance from DOH, we were able to manage a significant event, providing direct care and treatment, immediately and on the spot to the residents who tested positive,” said D.H.S. Commissioner Kimberley Causey-Gomez. “For a moment many of us were at the edge of our seats upon hearing the news and awaiting outcomes, however, after two years of training throughout this pandemic for worst case scenarios, HGH nurses and staff have shown that when we have the proper tools and resources at hand, we can deliver.”

The Herbert Grigg Home for the Aged as of Friday was not accepting visitors on the campus. D.H.S. said it will continue to provide updates on the patients and the ongoing efforts of staff to revert the facility back to an all-clear status.

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