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DFG Community Foundation Plans to ‘Embrace Equity’ on International Women’s Day

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From 5:30 pm on March 8th, women from across the territory will gather on the St. Thomas Waterfront Parade to socialize, network, mentor and celebrate other women in recognition of International Women’s Day. 

It is important for women to have a space where they can circulate, meet other women, seek support, and listen to each other’s stories,” said Senator Donna Frett-Gregory, president of the foundation. 

This evening’s event, called “Embrace Equity”,  is being hosted by the DFG Community Impact Foundation. Attendees will be able to listen in on a riveting discussion among a panel of women leaders (Dr. Haidya Swer, Ms. Tanya-Marie Singh, Dr. Hillary Woodson Gaskins, ad Dr. Alani Gregory) moderated by Dr. Marilyn Brathwaite-Hall. 

Twenty women who are entrepreneurs, community leaders and creatives will be recognized for their work in the community during Wednesday’s activity, and Dr. Jennifer Sequiera will be honored as the foundation’s Trailblazing Woman this year.

Not only did Dr. Sequiera co-found SEAT Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, a coworking space and skills training center, she also helps drive one of SEAT Caribbean’s targeted programs – Three Queens Ventures, a business accelerator for women who own food and beverage companies in the USVI. “We see her,” said Ms. Frett-Gregory, explaining that it was important to highlight and celebrate those who put in the day-to-day effort to assist aspiring women reach their goals. 

Dr. Sequoia, says Ms. Frett-Gregory, embodies in her work the principle the senator wants women across the territory to ask themselves on this International Women’s Day: “What I want women to contemplate…is how they can find ways to support the other women around them.”

From the foundation’s perspective, some of that tangible support takes place during their “Kids Kitchen” activities on Saturdays during the summer. Children from neighborhoods across St. Thomas and St. John congregate under DFG Foundation tents to receive meals, easing pressure on families that aren’t able to rely on school lunch programs during term breaks.

The senator’s message of actively seeking ways to support women in the community is a call to action. “From empowered women to those just going about their everyday lives,” Ms. Frett-Gregory says, “if they see a woman that may be facing challenges, not to just see and move away, or just talk about the situation, but take action.”

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