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CZM Approves Construction of New Catholic Church and Accompanying Facilities on St. John; Multi-Family Complex Also Approved

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Two applications were presented to the Coastal Zone Management Committee and approved on Tuesday, including the construction of a new Catholic church and accompanying facilities in St. John, and the construction of a multi-family dwelling unit with six parking spaces, also on St. John.

The first application was a major CZM application which had been submitted to the Department of Planning and Natural Resources on July 6 by Lynthia & Alton Phillip. The request was to construct a three-story, three unit multi-family dwelling with six parking spaces. The first two stories were permitted previously under a minor CZM permit.

The project is located at Parcel 1K Estate Contant, St. John, Virgin Islands. At that location, the 9,233 sq ft site is currently covered by 2,800 sq ft existing structure. The property is zoned R4 Residential Medium Density.

A decision was also made on the major CZM permit application submitted by the Diocese of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, Inc. The nonprofit’s application was to obtain a permit to construct a church, community center, Catholic Charities Building, single family dwelling, parking, cistern, accessory road, wastewater treatment plant, required utilities and services.

The diocese’s application had initially been deemed incomplete due to a zoning discrepancy. However, the applicant reapplied for a rezoning and it was granted in August, 2022.

The project is located at Parcel 6R-2C Estate Carolina, St. John, Virgin Islands on a 2.83 acre site. The property was originally zoned C, for commercial, however since the original application was filed the site’s zoning has been changed from C to B2 as per Act 8596. The Act was passed by the V.I. Legislature on July 20 and signed into by the Governor on August 12, 2022.

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