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Community Calls for Stricter Gun Control in Response to Air Rifle Incident

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In response to the recent incident in St. Croix involving Kevik David pointing an air rifle at his neighbors, the community has called for stricter gun control measures. Local leaders and residents are concerned about the potential dangers that replica and air rifles pose, as they can be mistaken for real firearms and can still cause harm.

Many have urged for the introduction of new legislation that would require owners of air rifles and replica firearms to obtain permits and undergo background checks, similar to those required for traditional firearms. Additionally, there is a push for mandatory safety training courses and proper storage regulations for these types of weapons.

Local community groups have begun organizing town hall meetings and discussions, inviting law enforcement officials and policymakers to discuss how to address the issue and implement more stringent gun control measures. The goal is to prevent future incidents like the one involving Kevik David and ensure the safety and well-being of the community.

As the conversation around gun control continues, residents hope that their collective voice will lead to meaningful change and a safer environment for all. The outcome of Kevik David’s case, scheduled for April 3, 2023, will likely have a significant impact on the community’s efforts to strengthen gun control measures in the territory.

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