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Christmas Foreday Serenade Featuring Stanley and the Knights is Back on Wednesday and Friday, Presented by WTJX

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The popular Christmas Foreday Serenade organized by WTJX and Stanley and the Ten Sleepless Knights, returns this year in full force on Wednesday and Friday. The event sees TSK serenading Virgin Islanders across the St. Croix community, bringing traditional Quelbe Christmas music to as many neighborhoods as possible.

This year marks the 17th year that Stanley and the Ten Sleepless Knights (and WTJX have partnered for the event, WTJX made known via release Monday.

On the foreday morning of December 21, the team will start from its base in Ginger Thomas and travel through Strawberry, Bonne Esperance, Mon Bijou, Colquohoon, and Grove Place, where they will stop at the home of Inez Williams to eat and drink. They will return to the road and traverse through Estates Whim and Campo Rico. The serenade will then head to the Frederiksted Post Office where it will assemble and tramp through Frederiksted town to Buddhoe Park. Once there, participants will have another opportunity to have a Crucian breakfast.

On the foreday morning of December 23, the team will once again leave from Ginger Thomas after having breakfast there at band member Kevin Christian’s home.

“We then head to Peter’s Rest, Anna’s Hope, Orange Grove, Golden Rock & Harbor View, Princesse, and Estate St. John, where we’ll stop at the Schjang’s home. We’ll then head to King Street in Christiansted and drive to Eliza’s Retreat where we’ll stop at Annette Hendricks’s home. We’ll then head up Company Street in Christiansted and gather at Time Square and tramp to WTJX’s office in Estate Richmond where we’ll be met with yet another opportunity to enjoy a Crucian breakfast,” WTJX said.

The Crucian Christmas Serenade is sponsored by the Virgin Islands Lottery, the Virgin Islands Department of Health, the Economic Development Authority, FirstBank, the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority, Caravelle Hotel & Casino, AARP, Diageo USVI, the USVI Department of Tourism-Division of Festivals, and the Virgin Islands Port Authority.

“When we say we’ve been doing this for 16 years, that is not a misnomer, we have held this serenade during the height of the pandemic, however, without house stops,” said WTJX CEO Tanya-Marie Singh. “We are happy to return to the stops at family homes which make the serenade so unique.”

TSK and WTJX especially thanked the Virgin Islands Police Department who has been a partner in the resurgence of the serenade, according to the release. For more information on the serenade, text or call (340) 690-6696.

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