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Changes in Cabinet to be Completed Between Feb.-March, Bryan Says, But ‘You Don’t Want to Upturn the Apple Cart’

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Governor Albert Bryan has so far made two notable changes in his cabinet since being reelected, namely former attorney general Denise George, who was relieved of her duties on Dec. 31, and former Property and Procurement commissioner Anthony Thomas, who tendered his resignation on Tuesday, citing a “fundamental difference” between himself and the governor.

Mr. Bryan has also made changes at the lower level affecting cabinet members who serve in exempt positions — or at the pleasure of the governor — and said during an interview with the Consortium in January that changes would be completed by the end of March.

“You’re going to see some more changes. I think by the end of February, March we will be done with all the changes we want to do,” he said.

Even so, Mr. Bryan noted the importance of making changes that are necessary for progress, while avoiding decisions that are counterproductive. “While you want change, you don’t want to upturn the apple cart,” the governor said, using an idiom to suggest his carefulness with dismissals so as to not disrupt ongoing projects that are bearing fruit.

He also spoke about the challenges of being a leader of a department or agency in the government of the Virgin Islands, describing the culture in such institutions as having their own language.

“Being a commissioner, being directors, working in government, it’s not easy,” the governor stated. “So when you even look at private sector people, bringing them into the government, they don’t know the government system — and it is a system; it’s almost like a language — so we will have some more [changes] on every level of government.

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