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Central High School’s Cultural Fair Back After Pandemic-Induced Hiatus

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St. Croix Central High School’s Cultural Fair returned on Thursday, celebrating its first event since the pandemic began. Organized by the school’s Social Studies Department, the fair featured songs, dances, and musical performances by students, teachers, and popular local artists such as Ras Attitude, Pumpa, and the Hypa Activ Krew.

School Principal Yves Abraham expressed delight that the pre-Transfer Day activity was back on the school’s calendar. “We try to celebrate our culture, our history; try to make sure our students are aware of the rich culture and history of the Virgin Islands,” Mr. Abraham said. “We try to display [that culture] as much as possible during the cultural fair – with the food, the dance, with the music.”

Transfer Day, observed annually on March 31, marks the date in 1917 when the territory changed hands from Denmark to the United States. The occasion is commemorated each year with a public holiday, featuring a parade, ceremonies, and cultural events across the three main islands of the USVI.

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