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Bryan Issues Statement on Limetree Bay’s Decision to Halt Oil Refining Following Massive Flare Incident

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Following a massive flare incident Wednesday afternoon at Limetree Bay, Governor Albert Bryan said in a statement that the recent occurrences at the south shore facility are unacceptable, though the governor expressed hope that the refinery would resume production eventually in a safe manner that considers the health and wellbeing of St. Croix residents — especially those residing downwind from the plant.

Stated the governor: “The flare incident that occurred at the refinery today is totally unacceptable and is a clear indicator that there are issues with the restart of refinery operations at Limetree Bay.

“Lieutenant Governor Roach and I both have been in contact with the executive team at Limetree Bay and have expressed our concern and frustration with the recent releases that have threatened the health and safety of the residents downwind of the refinery and urged Limetree to step up its efforts to guarantee the safety of its employees and the residents downwind from the refinery.

“As a result of those conversations, Limetree agreed to halt refining operations while they work to address the operational issues that may be responsible for the emissions. It is my sincere hope that they can rectify whatever the issues are and resume operations in a manner that protects the health and wellbeing of its employees and the residents of our community.”

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