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After Two Years of Virtual Events, 232 Participants Showed Up in Frederiksted For Women’s Coalition 38th Annual Women Race

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Children, teens, adults and the elderly came out in droves Sunday for the 38th Annual Women’s Coalition of St. Croix Women Race, with 232 participants joining in-person while 23 individuals participated virtually Friday and Saturday.

After two years of the virtual race, participants eagerly lined up for the 2-mile event in Frederiksted to show their support for the nonprofit’s biggest fundraiser. The atmosphere was filled with unity and strength for the fight to end violence against women as the large group walked, jogged or ran to show their support.

“Right now I am feeling overwhelmed. We haven’t done the race since 2019 and it was a lot of work. We forgot how much work it is, doing it in-person but to see over 200 women registered, to see all these faces, to see the children, I mean I am so overwhelmed, I’m amazed,” said Clema Lewis, executive director of Women’s Coalition of St. Croix.

She added, “I’m excited and I’m so glad we did it. I don’t have no regrets, I will rest later. This is the largest race in the Virgin Islands for women and girls only. They have a lot of races but they don’t have races that focus on women and girls. It’s all about survivors and victims and overcoming. It’s about women coming together and supporting each other. So this is a chance once a year we can all get together and support each other. The race isn’t always about the fastest. It’s about the endurance and the sisterhood. That’s what the race is about; sisterhood.”

For participants who crossed the finish line, the ambiance was that of victory. Zuma Nisbett has been participating for four years. “It was enjoyable. Although I can’t keep up my stamina, it was fun to have that confidence. I’ve never won but it’s still fun,” she said.

Others, such as Niarus Walker has only experienced the race for the second time. “It was fun and it was interesting. I’m glad to be a part of the community and to support the Women’s Coalition of St. Croix because they do a really good job of supporting women. I got to hang out with my friend, and my daughter joined us as we walked and it was like a social event. It was really nice.”

Others commit to participating annually, including Lesley McAuliffe, who stated, “I’ve been doing this race for seven years. I enjoy the idea of the competition and it’s a good cause.”

WCSC Communications Coordinator, Debra Benjamin thanked the many sponsors who made the event possible as well as the people who registered to be part of it. “I would also like to make a special effort to thank victims and survivors who were able to come today or who just have heard about it and know that this is a way for us to say  that we see you, we hear you, we believe in you, and we support you. The Women’s Coalition of St. Croix is here for you,” she said.

Winners for the general race are: Bridget Klein: 12:33 (1st), Kirra Lambert:13:12 (2nd), and Megan Mault: 14:21 (3rd).

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