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Boats Should Be Sleek—But Only Up to a Point


THEY JUST KEEP GETTING BIGGER In each successive era, the biggest ships have gotten even bigger, but the length-to-beam ratio rose only up to a certain point. Narrower designs incur less resistance and are thus faster, but the requirements of seaworthiness and... More »


Artist Spotlight: Allister Lee


Throughout the pandemic artist Allister Lee has been drawing portraits of people and mailing the art to them. The initial idea was just for it to be a morning warm up and now he’s drawn 100+ people. Each one is waxed pastel on layers of scrapbook paper, trimme... More »

Preorders for Panic’s Playdate handheld open July 29


Playdate, the adorable whimsy-and-nostalgia-box/handheld game system built by Panic (with some help from Teenage Engineering), has taken one more big step toward reality: it has an official preorder date. And it’s soon! The company announced this morning that ... More »