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18 Adult Secondary Education Students Graduate in St. Croix District; 2 Receive GED Certificate

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In celebration of hope, perseverance, and sacrifice, eighteen Adult Secondary Education and two GED students received their high school diplomas and GED certificates, respectively, in a joint ceremony on Monday at the St. Croix Educational Complex High School Auditorium.

The event kicked off the graduation season for the V.I. Dept. of Education, with a plethora of ceremonies planned for the next two weeks.

Commissioner of Education, Racquel Berry-Benjamin, revealed that she did not graduate with her high school class, but instead received her GED. “I sat where you sat and I obtained my GED, and I went through everything that you went through. So I know exactly what it feels like to be sitting in your seat here today,” she told the class.

Class Salutatorian, Joseph Bass, captured the audience with his joyful remarks. “Guys we made it! Let’s continue to pursue our dreams,” he said.

Bass then took a more serious tone as he impressed upon his classmates the importance trusting God. “Don’t fool yourself, you cannot do it alone,” he said. “It is no secret that challenges will come. At times we will face situations where we might feel compelled to question God, but let us always remember that he is always there.”

Commencement Address Speaker, Positive T. Nelson, called on graduates to continue pressing forward. “Many of you already have families, many of you already have jobs, but this puts you in a better position,” he said. “You go back to work tomorrow and say ‘hey, I got this piece of paper that you were talking about.’”

Governor Albert Bryan lauded the class of 2022, and encouraged them to remain focused on their goals while disregarding negativity. “If you want to be successful you have to focus,” he stated. “You have to focus on that one thing that you want. You see, getting it is easy. The hardest thing is deciding what it is you want and once you decide what you want, just focus.”

The Virgin Islands Adult Education Program provides test preparation instructions to increase personal and professional success. Successfully passing the GED or obtaining a high school diploma can open the door to future education, employment and self-sufficiency.


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