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The Island With an Ancient History That Explains the World


Alberto Buzzola/GettyIn July 1997, I was fortunate to spend a few days among the Paiwan, an Aboriginal people in the south central highlands of Taiwan. I was in the country for typically academic reasons, attending a conference at a Taipei research center, but... More »


Two of Newsom's children test positive for Covid-19


OAKLAND — Two of California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s children have tested positive for Covid-19, though the governor has not, his office said Friday. The children, who were not named to protect their privacy, have mild symptoms and will be quarantined. "The governo... More »


Why Republicans Are Scared of Texas’ New Abortion Ban


For years, conservative legislators have passed increasingly restrictive abortion laws, knowing they’d be struck down by the courts. Now, Republicans are going to have to defend their views at the ballot box. And that might not go well for them. More »


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