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October 5th, 2021

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26 Sweet Potato Sides, From Mashed to Ottolenghi-fied


Whether you like your sweet potatoes snow-capped with marshmallows or as savory as these orange tubers can be, there’s no doubt that a sweet potato side dish belongs on your Thanksgiving menu. We’ve broken it down by texture—mashed, roasted, pancake-ified, you... More »


Yubico announces security keys with fingerprint readers


Image: Yubico Yubico has announced a new line of security keys that lets you unlock accounts with a fingerprint. With older YubiKeys, logging in requires putting in a PIN and then tapping the key, but the new version can authenticate with just the tap (though ... More »


What’s the Deal With Dalgona Cookies From ‘Squid Game’?


First, it was viewers’ obsession with Netflix food documentaries like Chef’s Table and Ugly Delicious. Next, everyone was talking about the Boom Boom Lemon Drink from Netflix’s Kate.” And now the internet can’t get enough of Dalgona Cookies, a popular South Ko... More »


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