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Freedom as the Muzzle of a Glock


In western Colorado, the election is about “not having the government think for us, the right to protect ourselves.”RIFLE, Colo. — At the Shooters Grill, whose waitresses pack heat, I found Gary Nichols enjoying a burger. A man with bright blue eyes and a shoc... More »


The host of Scam Goddess is in for the long con


Laci Mosley’s podcast celebrates the art of the grift Laci Mosley picks up the phone mid-fitting, as she preps for a show she can’t tell me about. “Do you want to do this another time?” I ask. “Sorry, just a sec,” she says, then asks if we can reschedule in an... More »


Donald Trump's Foreign Policy Hurt American Alliances


It has become impossible for democracies to believe it is in their interest to take Trump’s America seriously.Tuesday’s election will be seen globally as a referendum on the durability of democracy. If American democracy, long a beacon, cannot self-correct, th... More »


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